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As a non-profit organization, the SAAFB, depends on volunteers, and community support and donations. While we try our best to help all pets in need, availability of donations from the community directly impacts our ability to provide assistance.

Some important things to know:

You MUST complete the form below for your assistance request to be accepted.

If your request is able to be fulfilled, you will receive approximately a 30-day supply.

Due to the increased need of animal food assistance, households are limited to receiving assistance 3 times per year.

Your pet's brand may not be available, in that case we do our best to substitute.

Not all requests for assistance are always possible. See below for other resources.

Assistance Request Form

Not all request for animal food assistance are possible. If SAAFB is unable to fulfill your request, we will provide you with other resources in the community.

SAAFB may provide you with food assistance for an initial 30-day period and may provide additional assistance up to two more times within a 12-month period.

SAAFB does not provide continued food assistance to animals who are not spayed or neutered. We can provide food assistance once, as well as a list of resources to get your animal spayed or neutered.

By checking below, you certify that the information above is correct and you understand and agree to SAAFB policy.

Please understand that though we try our hardest to feed every animal in need, some requests may not be able to be fulfilled.
With that said below is a list of local organizations with who may be able to help with emergency food assistance:

Humane Society of Southern Arizona
635 W Roger RD

Cody Friends
4702 N Flowing Wells

Hermitage Cat Shelter
5278 E 21st ST